Yuletide Quest: A Journey of Love

Please read Yuletide Quest:  A Journey of Love, my latest Beauty and the Beast FanFiction.

Catherine wants to give Vincent a very special Christmas gift, so she works with the Tunnel inhabitants to create a quest of adventures through the ancient ruins Below.  As they face the  challenges of the journey they strengthen their Bond.

Please Read My Newest Beauty and the Beast Fan Fiction, ‘Othello’

Please read my newest story, Othello, on WordPress!  Here’s an excerpt:

His mind was spinning. He planted his palms on the vanity and leaned on his arms. He was obsessed with one realization: he was Othello. His appearance was exotic, he had no place in her society aside from protecting her, he was isolated, he felt his aloneness every moment—every moment he was away from her. He sometimes feared that she loved him for his differences, not in a good way, but like a unique toy of which she would eventually tire, and return her attention to the men of her world, men with the same skin, hair, culture, experience.

Vincent has believed for most of his life that his differences make it impossible for him to have a physical relationship–can he change his mind?

Othello on Archive of Our Own

Othello on FanFiction.net

Who is Tracy Turner?

Bienvenidos, Honored Guest!  I got this strange email today.  It was just this link.  I was so curious to find out who would send me such a thing, I did a little bit of searching on the Internet.

I was trying to find out, who is Tracy Turner, the author of this weird email?  Tracy Turner is a common name, and when I Google it, naturally I get a lot of results.  Unfortunately, the Tracy Turner who authored this email is not among the results.

In the process of searching, I did find these strange sites:  Nuke Frack Zionism Human Extinction; Olive Biodiesel; Gangstalking; Zeitgeist, spirit of the age

That last one is what it would sound like inside my head if I forgot to take my medication for a few days.

Anyway, I don’t like getting email from people I don’t know.  And I can’t find this Tracy Turner who supposedly sent it.  Is he even a real person?  I set up a Google Hangout with him, because I’d like to talk to someone who sends email to strangers, but hides himself.  I’d like to tell him, all I’m going to do is set up a filter in my Gmail to instantly trash your ravings.

Has anyone ever heard of Tracy Turner, gotten weird email from him?


Cracked Plaster

Plaster cracked, paint peeling, chipping off dingy walls.Young woman lighting a candle

The old church is dimly lit and cold.

A young woman lights a candle, kneels, crosses herself,

closes her eyes and prays.

Sitting together in a pew, three old women, heads of cotton white, salt and pepper, steel gray.

Heads bent together, whispering.Old women in church

Heads bent down, reflecting.

They were young women, praying together in a cold church.

The years passed, the plaster cracked, the paint peeled.

Life never brought them nor the church wealth.

But their souls, their lives are rich.

And the church is filled with warmth and light.

The candles burn–the light shines; God smiles.