What Happened to the Fun In Nursing Fundamentals?

This is no fun.  I hate my clinical group.  Hate them.  Two of them are loudmouths with control issues with good ideas.  Another is a loudmouth with control issues and crappy ideas.  Another is not a loudmouth who wants to know how I feel and why I feel that way, but she doesn’t want to listen to my answer.  Another one is not a loudmouth, she doesn’t ask me how I feel, and she’s having an emotional melt down.  The last one……oh, yeah, loudmouth who hates working in groups.

I hate the clinical site.  Stinking, dirty, shabby, understaffed long term care facility.  Today was our first day.  Today the Clinical Instructor ate my ass out for standing around.  I knew it, I knew I was going to wind up being an unpaid slave nurse assistant, working for free.

I want to run screaming away from this whole bullshit deal.

I Am Such a Huge Failure

I had a simulation lab today at 9:15 am.  At 8:45 am, I threw the covers back and remembered that.  The thought, Oh, Jesus, what have I done?!  exploded in my head, and bounced off the inside of my skull.

By the grace of God, I made it to school in time.  I give Him the glory, seriously.  But I suspect that my lab partners are plotting to dump me.  I don’t really blame them.

How can I be such a screw up?  I think it’s because I’m so focused on Tuesday’s test.  It’s difficult for me to memorize this kind of material, psychologist X had theory Y, so according to him, a person age Z would be experiencing what developmental issues?  And there’s like a dozen psychologists.  Well, no, it’s more like six or seven.  But still.  And  I was up studying until 11:30 last night, and then I wrote some fanfiction to unwind, so I got to sleep at maybe 12:30 am, and trust me, simulation lab was the last thing on my mind.  I’ve added reminders on my calendar to set my alarm for sim labs and clinicals.  I pray to God that’s enough!


I love being a CNA, Certified Nurse Assistant.  I help people with Activities of Daily Living, getting up in the morning, bathing, dressing, eating, walking, toileting, shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc.  I could’ve done that for the rest of my working life until retirement, but it doesn’t pay enough money to live on, and I’m sick of struggling and living in poverty with nothing but the barest of bare necessities.

SO, I have begun my journey to becoming a Registered Nurse.  I took all the prerequisite classes, fought the student loan battle and won, and now I’m in Nursing School.  Yea!

Now let me start complaining about Nursing School.  Today is Sunday.  Tomorrow I have a simulation lab, Tuesday I have a test over seven chapters in the textbook, Wednesday I have a day-long clinical.

I have never bonded so closely so quickly with a group as I have with my sister nursing students.

Yuletide Quest: A Journey of Love

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His mind was spinning. He planted his palms on the vanity and leaned on his arms. He was obsessed with one realization: he was Othello. His appearance was exotic, he had no place in her society aside from protecting her, he was isolated, he felt his aloneness every moment—every moment he was away from her. He sometimes feared that she loved him for his differences, not in a good way, but like a unique toy of which she would eventually tire, and return her attention to the men of her world, men with the same skin, hair, culture, experience.

Vincent has believed for most of his life that his differences make it impossible for him to have a physical relationship–can he change his mind?

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